The Raw Wall one month before painting began                                    The Mural featured on a VS. telecast


                   A video tour of the mural and its surroundings two days prior to the Mural’s completion.




Working with his agent, Tracy Speca of Sports and the Arts Los Angeles, Tom completed 30 pieces in a variety of media including five 5’ x 7’ foot “Vintage Stadium” oil paintings, and an interior mural for the Prudential Center Arena in Newark, New Jersey.  Tom also created a 36” x 48” oil painting that served as the commemorative opening night poster at the Devils’ opener against the Ottawa Senators on October 27, 2007.  His “Sunset at Prudential” oil piece was used for the “Fan Appreciation” game give-away poster at the end of the season as well.

The hallmark of this project was the design and creation, (using Tom’s very own Ambidextrous Impressionism” technique/ see bleow) of a 200 ft. by 30 ft. interior mural.  Working with a 3 member team (see “Assistants” page”), “The Mural” was 6 weeks in the making.  It was completed on October 15, 2007.  The mural design was selected from over 50 design variations created by Tom.



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The Prudential Center Project

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