The Making of

“The Mural” at Prudential Center Arena

 Copyright © by  Tom Mosser, 2007.

Tom demonstrates “Ambidextrous Impressionism”at the Prudential Center Mural.

heARTs Series

At the Museum



Tom Mosser is the creator of “A Golden Retriever At The Museum”.

It has become a internet sensation since it’s facebook page was created in March.  The model for the piece is Tom’s dog Lucas.  The 100 print limited edition run of the piece sold out in 4 weeks to buyers all over the world.  Email Alan at for print and t-shirt information regarding the Golden Retriever follow-up pieces entitled: “A Golden Retriever Puppy at the Museum”, “Two Golden Retrievers at the Museum”,(4) Golden Retrievers at the Museum”, “Puppy Love” at the Museum”.


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Ambidextrous Techniques      The “LOOP” technique

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Tom’s sports art agent for stadium curation / Tracie Speca 

Tom Mosser

Watch Lucas on WTAE Channel 4 News (click the image)


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Tom shows the genesis of his two-handed drawing

and painting styles..on a basketball court in PIttsburgh

Tom’s Self-portrait series featured in a Caters News service story


“A Golden Retriever

at the Museum II”

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